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A Venezia of Scotch, 200mL 40%

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  • This is no ordinary blend. Speyside pear drops combine with peaty Islay smoke. Very smooth mouthfeel, super soft and balanced. On the tip of the tongue there are traces of salt and walnuts, and the balance of sweet versus dry is impressive. A full-bodied blend to be enjoyed at virtually any time.  

    Bottled in our 200mL Venezia bottle - an unusual and unique bottle gift wrapped in our eco-friendly wrapping. Adding your own personal message to the bottle makes this a lovely gift for the Whisky fan.

    This Whisky has been specially blended for us by Adelphi, arguably Scotland's finest independent bottler of rare and limited edition single malt and blended whiskies. Their selection criteria are of such a high standard that only 4% of any cask they investigate is actually bottled. As a result, their whiskies are both rare and sought after. Each cask of whisky matures its contents very differently, imparting its own character and so no two Adelphis are quite the same.

    Amfora's selection is made by Anthony Burnet, former Director of the Glenmorangie Company and a Master of The Quaich (founded by the Whisky industry to recognise outstanding commitment and dedication to Scotch Whisky), Amfora's very own highly experienced authority on Scotch Whisky so you can trust this really is special.
  • Prefer a Video? Learn from Ralfy.

    Scotch Whisky as a subject can be quite intimidating - so we'll cut away the fluff. The range of whiskies available means there really is something for everyone.

    How should I enjoy a dram? When nosing and tasting whisky it is advisable to use a tulip shaped glass (e.g. a Glencairn glass) which will concentrate the aromas. Swirling the whisky in the glass will expose it to the air and releases the nose clearly. How much it sticks to the sides says much about it's consistency and alcohol level. If you like add a touch of water - this can help release the flavours and aromas for some whiskies. Push your nose into the glass and inhale with your mouth slightly open. What do you smell?

    Take a sip and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Every whisky comes with its own range of aromas and flavours; the range is really quite astonishing!
  • Single malts are the original Scotch whiskies, which were being distilled and aged a very long time before anyone came up with the idea of blending malts with the less complex and cheaper grain whiskies. They are produced in adherence to very strict rules that are enshrined in law, the new spirit always being distilled at least twice in copper pot stills, and then laid down to slumber in oak casks for not less than three years (only after three years in the wood in Scotland - can they legally be termed Scotch Whisky), although most spend a good deal more than this minimum period in cask.

    Unlike some other types of whisky, in Scotland distillers are not permitted to top-up casks, the age of the spirit being determined from the day on which a cask is filled with new make spirit. The raw materials used to produce single malt are very simple: malted barley, yeast, and water (usually from rivers but sometimes from natural springs). High-quality barley and very pure frequently mineral rich water are used, but the oak casks arguably play the most important in the maturation process, contributing a great deal of flavour, aroma, softness and colour to the final product.

    The Whisky Producing Regions of Scotland

    It is a widely held belief that the geographic location of a given distillery has much to do with the character of the whisky, however modern sophisticated production methods are such that one can produce virtually any character of single malt anywhere in Scotland. Owing more to long established production techniques rather than strong influences of geographic locations, in broad terms it can be said that Lowland malts are generally light and fragrant, while in the Highlands slightly more full bodied malts are made. Campbeltown produces light whiskies which are to some extent influenced by their locations near the sea. If there is one region among the four areas which stands out, it is the island of Islay which traditionally has made single malt using a lot of heavily malted, or peated, barley, resulting in a final product which delivers a powerful smokey nose and taste.
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