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The Explorer Rack

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  • Can't decide? Perhaps the best gift or treat is one that sees you explore something new, something you haven't tried before? So here we have a selection of exceptional, artisan produced alcohols which are sure to impress. Bottled in our Goccia 100mL bottles and held together in a locally made, sustainably produced presentation rack so you can pop them in and out as you please!

    So what delicious tipples have we thoughtfully brought together? 

    - Absinthe Reverie: If you've never tried Absinthe, try this. All the urban myths aside, the 'Green Fairy' is rich with aromas and flavours. From liquorice notes to a range of herbal aromatics this is something to sip and savour. 

    Le Caf Liqueur: Canadian Maple Syrup and Espresso Liqueur combine here to create one of the best examples of the distiller's art. You simply have to taste this with a quality vanilla pod ice cream softened and floating on the surface. Or in an Espresso Martini, neat or a White Russian....

    - Whisky & Ginger Liqueur: Not too strong nor sweet and very easy to drink. An award winning and lovely warming drink. The distinctive smooth ginger flavour is perfectly balanced by a pleasingly clean, dry finish. 
  • How to Prepare Absinthe

    Absinthe is best prepared using the traditional drip method with iced water and sugar. Pour 30ml of Absinthe into a glass. Lay a flat perforated absinthe spoon (if you have one, otherwise a thin fork will do the job!) over the top of the glass placing a cube of sugar on the spoon / fork. The sugar brings out the herbal flavours and balances the bitterness. Drip roughly 90ml iced water (i.e. a 3:1 ration) over the sugar into the absinthe (dissolving the sugar into the drink). As the water enters the glass you will notice a change in appearance (known as the 'louche'). Traditionally absinthe fountains and a traditional reservoir pontarlier glass are used by purists, although you can certainly enjoy without!

    The Sazerac cocktail originally called for Absinthe, and while often replaced with Pernod why not try the original and best? For an authentic taste of New Orleans try this:

    1.) Take one sugar cube and place in glass, lightly moisten and break up.

    2.) Add 40ml of Rye Whiskey, a dash of bitters, ice and stir for 30 seconds till chilled.

    3.) Add a teaspoon (or barspoon) of absinthe to a short glass and turn to coat glass.

    4.) Strain the mixture into the glass. Twist and squeeze the lemon peel over the glass, drop into cocktail and serve.  

    Le Caf Liqueur:

    Best served neat from the freezer, but also the missing puzzle in an Espresso Martini! Combine with our Cold Drip Coffee Vodka for the perfect (quick) Espresso Martini at home! 

    Whisky & Ginger Liqueur:

    Perfect neat on ice. Equally perfect as the base for most whisky cocktails.

    Try 50ml with a slice of fresh lime, ice and ginger ale for a zingy summery cocktail.    
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