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Rare Single Malt Stack

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  • We've brought together some of our finest extremely rare Single Cask, Single Malt Whiskies bottled by the highly respected Adelphi Distillery and independent bottler. A highly unique gift for the Whisky fan!

    Presented in our stackable bottle creating a unique way to experience Single Cask Whiskies - buying these highly rare Whiskies the normal way would cost shy of $900 in their normal full-size variants so this is bound to be an unusual gift or treat for Single Malt lovers out there! Each bottle provides 250mL of Whisky. 

    Remember: These aren't ordinary Whiskies you'd find anywhere! All our limited, single cask Whiskies are produced by renowned independent bottlers who select on the rarest and best casks they find.

    Add a personal message too, handwritten on your bottle to create a truly unique gift.

    So what delicious drams have we thoughtfully brought together?

    - Ardmore Single Malt Whisky: This 14 year old Single Malt is extremely limited. Expect a highland style with an unusual degree of peat at cask strength. 

    - Bunnahabhain Single Malt Whisky: a 21 year old Single Malt which treats you to syrup-coated Golden Grahams and pink grapefruit with cinnamon and cloves on sugary brioche, slightly charred tarte tatin and a drop of cream too!

    Linkwood Single Malt Whisky: Another cracking Speyside Single Cask from the Adelphi. On the nose there are traces of fruit, honey and flowery notes, and brown sugar. On the palate there is quite a lot of heat, dry fruit, and liquorice. A light, fragrant malt. A very limited bottling of cask 3537.

  • How should I enjoy a dram? When nosing and tasting whisky it is advisable to use a tulip shaped glass (e.g. a Glencairn glass) which will concentrate the aromas. Swirling the whisky in the glass will expose it to the air and releases the nose clearly. How much it sticks to the sides says much about it's consistency and alcohol level. If you like add a touch of water - this can help release the flavours and aromas for some whiskies. Push your nose into the glass and inhale with your mouth slightly open. What do you smell? Take a sip and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Every whisky comes with its own range of aromas and flavours; the range is really quite astonishing!        
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