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His & Her Tasting Rack

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  • Want to try more than one? The best gift is one that sees you explore something new so here's a selection for your to indulge in. All are artisan produced liqueurs which are sure to impress.

    Unlike many commercially sold liqueurs, these aren't sickly sweet and made with entirely natural ingredients, slowly and by hand. Bottled in our Goccia 100mL bottles and held together in a locally made, sustainably produced presentation rack so you can pop them in and out as you please!  

    Don't forget, you can add a hand written message applied to the centre bottle too!

    So what delicious tipples have we thoughtfully brought together? 

    - Honey Liqueur: Rich Stringy Bark Native Honey from a neighbouring Bathurst beekeeper is paired with Stone Pine's own Vodka to create this more-ish honey liqueur. A little stronger than most liqueurs but not so much that it overpowers. 

    Whisky & Ginger Liqueur: A subtle taste of a dessert white wine quickly followed by ginger root and whisky notes giving a slight spicey finish to the drink. Not too sweet either, it's a popular number!

    - Elderflower Spirit:  Organic Vodka is slowly combined and infused with fragrant, locally picked, elderflowers to produce this beautiful spirit liqueur. The distinctive elderflower flavour is subtle and balanced with a hint of sweetness and a little more strength than your average liqueur.
  • Elderflower Spirit:

    Technically a liqueur, but less sweet and stronger than your average, so we call is an Elderflower Spirit. Perfect added to your favourite sparkling wine, with a Gimlet or to your classic G&T but also very drinkable neat with a little ice. 

    Honey Liqueur by Stone Pine Distillery:

    Best served neat with a little ice we think. An Aussie take on the German classic this is one to sip while sitting next to a warm fire!

    Whisky & Ginger Liqueur:

    Perfect neat on ice. Equally perfect as the base for most whisky cocktails.

    Try 50ml with a slice of fresh lime, ice and ginger ale for a zingy cocktail.    
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