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Our Story

Welcome to Amfora: The Liquid Deli.

The word craft and artisan gets thrown around these days but it’s clear to us what it means. It’s about small producers with a connection to their ingredients and the land, obsession with their craft and a never ending love for experimenting. The result.. truly amazing experiences and flavours! Those moments when your senses tell you... you are trying something rather special. 

I was lucky to grow up surrounded by the world of whisky and I can remember trying my hand at crushing grapes in Spain as a wee boy, smelling mash tuns and learning about the dedication that went into making them. As I've grown older, I've learnt to appreciate new tastes and true quality produce, which is ultimately all about helping enjoy life.  We all strive to live healthier and we believe drinking better, not more is important.  And this is where everyone at Amfora shares the same passion. 

Being a small distiller is no easy task, and no more so than here in Australia - practically every rule in the book is working to make it, well, damn hard. But here at Amfora, we believe we need to do everything we can to bring liquids to you that aren't made by committee.  Liquids, that are made with one thing in mind - to be special, and well, not for everyone. So that's what we are about, supporting the creative underworld of producers out there, toiling away doing what they love to make something truly special remarkable for you to enjoy.  We don't take second-rate bulk products and dress them up - we take first rate, handcrafted products and present them in a truly unique and beautiful way thats easy and accessible. From our hand labelling to a range of beautiful bottles to match your personality - we do things a little differently.

So we hope you enjoy our store, and more importantly, I hope we can provide some inspiration to help you try new things or to find a truly thoughtful gift for someone special, life is too short not to after all. This is the first step of our vision - we want to create an experience, a place where you can come and taste and smell, learn and have a laugh. With your help we can move towards that!

So please explore and enjoy, and if you are impressed, please tell others and help make true artisans thrive!

Best wishes,


Founder, Amfora Liquids